October 19, 2016 Stop the (data) thief!

Stop the (data) thief!

With data being as expensive as it is, we are sure you have been to Settings -> Mobile Data on your iPhone to switch off access for any and all applications that you don’t want having gobble up your data when you are not on wifi. But did you know that even if you do […]

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October 7, 2016 Curing a slow Mac startup

Curing a slow Mac startup

Have you noticed that after you have used your Mac for a while, starting it up and getting to a fully ready responsive working environment can take a while? I have seen on my client’s Macs that one of the culprits often are applications that (inadvertently) have been marked to auto-start at log-in. Stopping that […]

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October 7, 2016

Application tip: TripMode

There are lots of small Mac applications that I use everyday. Today’s mention goes to TripMode, which is especially useful in a Zambian setting, where you might find that you have to use your phone’s hotspot to get your Mac online, or you are otherwise mindful of the data you consume while online. TripMode lives […]

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