April 18, 2017 Want to keep your MacBook healthy? Keep the rubber on!

Want to keep your MacBook healthy? Keep the rubber on!

You might not give much thought to the bottom of your MacBook Pro/Air, but if you take a look you will undobutedly see the four rubber feet at each corner. Except maybe they are not all there anymore? Chances are, if your MacBook is more than a couple years old, one or more are missing. No big deal, right?

Au contraire, mon ami! Big deal if you want to keep your favourite workmate (admit it, it’s your MacBook!) alive and healthy as long as possible! Fortunately, The Stoneman is here to help if you need rubber and if you have been without for a long time!

Why is the lack of rubber feet a problem? The bottom of your MacBook is a pressed and shaped plate of thin aluminium. To get the rubber feet to  sit well there are 4 holes in that plate where the flip side of each rubber foot fit, like the plunger in a sink. So, if a foot falls off, the hole is exposed.

Inside most MacBooks there are one or two fans. These usually draw air from the gaps around keys in the keyboard and blow it out again underneath the screen to cool internal components. The airflow is highly directed and controlled to minimise accumulation of dust inside. But with missing-feet holes in the bottom plate that airflow is disrupted and compromised. Air and dust gets in though the holes, and because they are part of an unintended, slow moving air stream now lazily winding its way towards the fans, there is plenty of opportunity for the dust to settle somewhere on the inside.

Zambia is an at times dusty place, and that combined with exposed holes from missing rubber feet, can literally be deadly for your MacBook. Air brings dust, dust settles and sticks, dust traps air, and still air is an excellent insulator.

Inside a client’s MacBook. You don’t want yours to look like this

The result? The internal components heat up and are operating under much higher temperatures than they should and are designed for. Before you know it, one of them fails. Which probably means game over for your MacBook. All just because you didn’t keep the rubber on!

There are two ways Stoneman Consultancy can help you with this. One, if you have a MacBook Pro/Air that’s over 3 years old, you want to take it to us for a preventive internal de-dusting. Especially if you have a missing rubber foot or two. We disassemble and apply some rarified pressurised air from the pristine Swiss Alps to its internals. Ok the Swiss Alps part is not true, but it’s nevertheless akin to a highland spa treatment for your stressed MacBook components.

Alcohol is even included (i.e. ethanol for cleaning; your MacBook’s internals will truly relax!), all for the awesome price of K450 only.

Two, our smart content marketing department has cunningly figured out that it’s a good idea to have brand new rubber feet for MacBooks in stock in time for the publication of this article. So we do. K25 for one, or get all four feet re-rubberized in one fell swoop for the sweet price of only K100. … So yeah, basically K25 per foot. But if you do the de-dusting for K450, we will include up to 4 replacement rubber feet for for your MacBook (as many as are missing from that one MacBook), to make sure it’s returned to you in its best, most long-lasting form possible!

A good deal if you ask us, and frankly we would rather do that for you than to tell you it’s K5000 for a new motherboard because your MacBook died.

Because we care about your Apple gear as much as you do.

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