October 31, 2017 Apple user? Come join Zed Apple Users!

Apple user? Come join Zed Apple Users!

There’s a new group in town – a hangout for all Zambian Apple users to discuss, ask, post your Apple gear for sale, and get Zambian-relevant answers and advice from your fellow Zed Apple Users!

Of course we at Stoneman Consultancy will hang there regularly, and help with questions whenever we can, but it is not meant as a platform for the company. Anyone is free to share their expertise in anything Apple related.

Please join: Zed Apple Users

One thought on “Apple user? Come join Zed Apple Users!

  1. Why is there a I store inn Lusaka?
    Why is there a “Apple Support desk “ when the indeviduels Whom are
    labeled Technicians cant and don’t know how to service or repair Apple hardware like all Apple stores in the world.

    No point selling hardware if there is no backup or after sale support.

    We end up looking for 3rdparty brand like stoneman.

    It’s like Zambia retail is a permanent 5/10 putting inn enough to pass for brand and being incompetent enough to piss off consumers

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