January 11, 2020 The 2019 Stoneman year in review – Mixing up the iPhones

The 2019 Stoneman year in review – Mixing up the iPhones

As we did last year, it’s time to take a look back on the year that has been and reflect on what it brought. Specifically what it brought us here at Stoneman Consultancy in terms of iPhone service jobs, and what we can say about the state of iPhone usage in Zambia from that.

As always, the data comes from our excellent (if we may say so) in-house developed Filemaker based customer and job ticket CMS, where we record everything we do.

Our awesome CMS

After a bit of data extraction and analysing the big-picture takeaway is that there was a slight increase in incoming iPhone service jobs in 2019 compared to 2018. About 8% in fact. Not very significant, but we’ll take it!

The trend lines for incoming service jobs for the various iPhone models are interesting:

Number of incoming iPhone service jobs by quarter

Last year the year in review headline was “iPhone 6 still rules Zambia”, which is clear to see from the 2018 data points, with the red iPhone 6 line soaring well above the rest. This year the picture is less clear. iPhone 6 has seen a clear decline, and iPhone 5 (and 5c and 5S, which we have lumped together) has all but disappeard.

iPhone 7 has taken up some of the slack, but what we really are seeing at the end of 2019 is a real mix of all the models, starting from 6.

Another interesting trend is how very little traction iPhone 8 has gotten. Introduced over 3 years ago, it should be a much more frequent visitor at Stoneman by now. But we see few of them. It looks like that is the model almost everyone decided to skip as the redesigned iPhone X appeared on the horizon.

This mix is reflected on the 3 years of final-quarter snapshots that we now have:

Relative number of incoming jobs for select iPhone models, year-end quarters

We decided to exclude the iPhone 8 and X in the Q4 2019 pie chart above to focus on what are still the most popular models. The long tail of iPhone 6 survival is evident in 2019, but the mix is now pretty even between 6, 6s and 7. All the newer models are seen in much fewer numbers, but are slowly creeping up the charts, as we no doubt will see in 2020.

Last year we wrote: “Going into 2019, what can we expect in terms of iPhone model usage in Zambia? The iPhone 6, we think, will finally show a sharper decline in usage. The question is, which model will take up the iPhone 6 slack? The answer might actually be the iPhone 8.

So in short, the first part of the prediction panned out; the last part…. not so much.

But we will not let that deter us of course. Our main prediction for this year is that we will see lots of iPhone 7, with iPhone 6s (now the oldest model to be able to run iOS 13) taking the stand as the base model.

We also have a hunch that we will see more incoming iPhone X than iPhone 8 in 2020, despite X being a newer model. Check back in a year to find out!

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