August 7, 2020 This is the end, my friends

This is the end, my friends

It was more than a good run. It was amazing. It was a joy. But now it is sadly over, Stoneman Consultancy has closed. Too soon and more sudden than I would have liked.

I am closing the doors to Stoneman for very personal reasons, and I regret that I cannot share exactly why at the moment. This is also the reason I had to close it in this rather sudden and stealthy fashion.

Despite this I hope for my customers’ understanding, a hope that is grounded in the fantastic relationship I have built with the ever awesome people I have served over the last 4 plus years. I will forever be grateful; for the people I have met and helped and adviced and made a living because of, during this time.

There are some practical pieces of information that I would like to communicate:

  • Stoneman Consultancy as a company and legal entity has been dissolved and is no more. Consequently, we are unable to process any warranty claims.
  • I have already left and moved back to Norway and is therefore not available in person.
  • Rebecca, who has manned the front desk all this time, is still at the office until the 15th of August. She is there to facilitate customers picking up any devices left. She can not help settle any disputes, and is not personally responsible for any business related issues. I hope everybody will understand and respect this.
  • Any devices left with us for more than three months unclaimed and without communication are by definition abandoned, although we have tried to be very accomodating. But please do understand this formal limitation.
  • I have really tried my best to settle eveything before leaving, so in the event you have some outstanding business with us, please assume we have tried to be in touch with you, because we have.
  • The office number 0979122100 will be regularly checked for SMSes and WhatsApp messages by Rebecca until the 30th august and will go dead after that date.
  • Any devices not picked up by the 30th August 2020 must be regarded as unclaimed and abandoned, regardless of how short or long they have been with us. Rebecca will discard or sell any such devices, but we will make absolutely certain they do not contain any retrievable personal data before they leave our hands.
  • I do not have any recommendations for good places to take your Apple gear in Zambia for service, sorry.

Goodbye and stay well my friends!

Sunset at Jomfruland, Norway

3 thoughts on “This is the end, my friends

  1. Sorry you have left Lars ! Wishing you all the best , you’ll be missed in Lusaka .
    Keep well & regards

    Sarah Constantinou

  2. That’s really sad. But fully understand these things do happen. Lots of luck back home. Your service will be really missed. I actually popped past yesterday as was unaware you had left.

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