We love Amazon as much as the next shopper. And eBay. And Etsy. And…  but as any online shop visitor knows, the problem is often the sheer volume and choice in the stores. How are you going to make sure you choose the best one, when there are 100+ different products in that category?

The answer is to let the expert choose! Since you are reading this, chances are you are an Apple user. Which means you care about quality and ease of use in everything you own. Which is what the products in the store represent: The best quality and value for money in each category.

How the shop works

We usually do not stock items. Instead, the value of this shop is in its curated nature and the fact that we take the nitty gritty details and stress out of the overseas shopping experience.

When you buy any item and complete the check out, the order is dispatched through to our retails partners overseas (often ut not always the US). The item is shipped to the US or UK warehouse of our shipping partner DotCom Zambia, who sends them on to Lusaka every Tuesday and Friday with a 4 days shipping time.

The total shipping time from you purchase to the item is in Lusaka will vary a bit depending on which weekday it arrives in the overseas warehouse, but we operate with a standard quoted delivery time of 2 weeks, which we should be able to hit or better 95% of the time.

Why you should trust us

Stoneman Consultancy is founded on the expertise of Lars A. Gundersen. As a techie and a geek since he got his first Mac in 1991, Lars has closely followed the rise of the internet and the explosion of the gadget ecosystem, as well as the rise and fall of Web TV, PDAs, ISDN, Nokia, Netscape and a plethora of other hyped up products, companies and services.

This experience, coupled with a university degree in microelectronics and many years experience as both a software developer and with professional Apple Support, makes for a solid pedigree when it comes to gadget evaluation.

Each product in the store is carefully researched either through personal experience, or by wading through reviews and evaluations done by others. Plus a healthy dose of personal assessment, since not all reviews are created equal.

We stand behind the products we sell. Trust us, we care as much as you do!