Hard disk to SSD replacement job + 1TB SSD


Super charge your MacBook or MacBook Pro with an SSD – a solid state disk. A replacement job + 750 GB SSD kit that will really turbocharge your Mac!

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Super charge your MacBook or MacBook Pro! If you have a MacBook or MacBook pro with a spinning hard disk, the absolute best upgrade you can possibly give it is an SSD – a Solid State Disk! It replaces the hard disk in your MacBook and does the same job… except a gazillion times faster and much more reliable!

Take it from us: If you are used to working with a MacBook with a spinning hard disk, you will be blown away by this upgrade. And in terms of reliability, experience tells us that the hard drive in a MacBook is the single most likely component to fail, simply because it contains delicate moving parts. And if it fails, it can be catastrophic if you do not have a recent backup.

In contrast, an SSD contains no moving parts. Its reliability is therefore in another league altogether. Please do not stop taking backups, but you can certainly sleep a bit better in the night!

The price includes a high quality Samsung or Crucial GB SSD and the labour of physical replacement in your MacBook (any compatible model) as well as transferring an exact clone of your old hard drive onto the new SSD.

We also sell a 500 GB replacement job + SSD. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate getting in touch before you order.

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