iPhone X LCD screen replacement, job + new screen


Package consisting of a complete iPhone screen replacment job, including a new high quality replacement iPhone X LCD screen assembly (black), sourced from the US

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Cracked your iPhone X screen? Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world (or your iPhone). We will fix it for you, making your phone look just as good as new again.

This package price includes the full replacement job, inclding the replacment part itself. And take note, not all iPhone replacement screens are created equal. We source the replacement iPhone screens from a known good supplier in the US, ensuring the best quality.

Please note we use LCD replacement screens for iPhone X, not OLED, as we have experienced a high number of faults and returns with the OLED screens we have tested (typically lines or black screens). The LCD screens use the same well-tested tech as the iPhones before it and should therefore be more reliable

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