Original Apple Macbook Pro Charger 85W Magsafe 2


Apple quality genuine Apple 85W charger with Magsafe 2 connector, fits any MacBook with a MagSafe connector made after 2012.

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No doubt: the charger and especially the cable close to the connector, is likely the first thing to say bye bye after a couple years of use. This replacement charger is the real deal: Apple charger, Apple quality!

Note that this charger is for any MacBook/Pro/Air with a MagSafe connector made after about 2012; the MagSafe connector is of the new sleek type, not the older somewhat chubby type.

For the equivalent charger with a Magsafe 1 connector, click here.

Apple might not sell them anymore form their own online shops but they do produce them, and we got them! We don’t want to sell any other charger for Apple laptops and we don’t think you should use any other charger either. They might look nice on the outside, but when the manufacturer uses cheap components the result will be unreliable and sometimes outright dangerous.

And with this price, why bother taking the chance!

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