RAVPOWER 22000mAh 5.8A Output powerbank


High capacity, high quality massive 22000 mAh power bank with 3 times 2.4 output rating that will charge your phone or tablet fast!


A power bank is a power bank is a power bank? Absolutely not!

Pick up the one you bought locally and chances are its output rating isn’t anywhere to be found. Yet that is the single most important spec because it determines how fast it can charge your phone. You need 2 A (ampere) current out to charge well. This one pumps 2.4 out, so you are ensured you get the quickest charge possible. It also take the same in, when you charge it from your wall socket, so it charges quickly too.
And lets not forget, its rated capacity is a whopping 22 Ah so it can actually fully charge 3 devices in one go, or your one phone many times before needing recharge.
Sure, you can get cheaper power banks, even locally. But if you want a really well-built, high quality and high capacity bank for a very good price, this is it!

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