WyzeCam security kit #2


The WyzeCam indoor security camera is great – this kit includes two of them, a 64GB microSD card for each of them so you can record continuously locally as well as the default cloud-recording, plus two 12V to 5V USB converters for connecting the cameras directly to your inverter battery. The kit also includes a metal “video surveillance” sign and 5 stickers with same, as well as installation and setup instructions from Stoneman Consultancy


We use the WyzeCam cameras ourselves, so we know they are great. What’s better than a WyzeCam? Two of them of course! And what’s even better? Connecting them to your 12V battery/inverter for absolute uninterruptible operation!

We have put together a great kit for you to get you up and running as quickly as possible. The installation and setup is very simple, you can easily do it yourself following our included written guide. The “lightweight” installation is suitable whether you own or rent.

This kit includes two WyzeCam2 cameras, 2 64GB microSD cards so the cameras can record continuously locally as well as the default cloud recording, plus two 12V to 5V voltage converters with 2x USB connectors and 20 meters electrical wire, allowing you to connect your camera directly to your inverter battery* (with one USB port to spare, great for charging your phone or LED lights etc), one metal “video surveillance” sign and 5 window stickers, and our easy to follow installation and setup guide. For your convenience and if you need more details, you can download the guide right here.

Please see the WyzeCam 2 camera product page for details about the cameras.

We also have a simpler kit, without the 12 to 5 voltage converters and metal sign.

* The cameras come with USB cables and power bricks for connecting them to 220V so if you have an inverter powering your 220V sockets you are of course good in the “uninterruptible” department. However taking the 5V USB power the cameras need directly from the battery without converting up to 220V then down to 5V is much more power efficient.


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