Stoneman Consultancy is a Lusaka based company that, to put it simply, do everything Apple! We service hardware and software, replace broken screens and exhausted batteries, help and advice you choose and use Mac and iPhone software.

Our core value is expressed in our motto: we love your Apple gear just as much as you do! This informs everything we do, and how we do it. We believe that the Apple product you bring to us needs to be serviced with the same quality and care that went into creating it in the first place, and shown the same love you have for it.

Stoneman Consultancy is founded on the expertise of Lars A. Gundersen. Always a tinkerer, he got started with Lego and broken alarm clocks as a kid and graduated to his first electronics maker-set at twelve. He got his first Mac in 1992 and never looked back.

Lars in front of his Apple PowerBook 160 (with external screen, mouse/keyboard and external CD player) back in around 1995

He also has a university degree in microelectronics and have worked professionally with Apple support for over 15 years. Add on experience founding and running a company producing illustrations and 3D animations, and another one developing web software, as well as lecturing over several years on Multimedia and Internet at Bjørknes College, and you might call his IT experience well-rounded

Throughout all these years, the passion for tech gadgets has never subsided, and his deep understanding of the underlying technologies enables him to see beyond the hype and specs on the box to evaluate the merits of each product and solution in the context of the target market and the problem it tries to solve.

The result is what you see here on the site, and even more so, what we want you to experience when you entrust your Apple gear to us for service.